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Portal’s Artist Management Program  provides support services for independent artists.  By taking care of time consuming administrative details, we free up your time to be spent where it is most productive: creating music.

Services we provide include music transcription and publishing, artist representation with booking agents and venues, live sound production/engineering, internet marketing, website construction and maintenance, and more.

Our AMP program encompasses every service that we offer and can be selected a  la carte.  You only pay for what you need.

Artist Management Program

Music Transcription  & Publishing

You know how to play your compositions, but what do you do if somebody wants the music for your songs?  Selling written sheet music offers another source of income to the independent musician.  Portal is able to provide you with professional quality transcriptions of the written form of your music. 

Transcriptions can be provided in treble clef, bass clef, grand staff, TAB, lead sheets, or any combination, with guitar chord blocks included.  Final versions may be provided in PDF format to allow sale by the artist via direct download, or can be printed and published in hard copy form.

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Artist Representation

The staff at Portal has experience negotiating with booking agents and venues ranging from small clubs and coffee shops up to multi-thousand seat arenas.  We can assist you in navigating the sometimes treacherous waters of live performance booking.

Live Sound/Engineering

Stone Circle Sound, a division of Portal Production, Ltd., provides live PA sound support for the independent and acoustic musician, for indoor or outdoor venues.  Read more...

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Website Construction & Maintenance

We are proud to offer professional website construction and maintenance services.  We can also assist you in customizing your musician MySpace page as well as help you to take full advantage of your Facebook band page.  Read more...

Publishing, Label & Production

In August of 2010 we collaborated to form our own boutique label, SoundBridge Records.  Read more...

Artist Resources - Free!

Over the years we have done hundreds of hours of research on the the music business and how it can benefit the independent artist.  Read more...

Internet Marketing

The internet offers many new and exciting ways to get your product to your fans.  This can be a time consuming process.  Let us assist you with it so that you can devote your energy to doing what you do best: music.  Read more...